This is the fourth in my blog series of Male Statues & Their Appendages.  If you haven’t seen the previous three blogs, please head over to my Male Statues Series.

We spent a day at the Louvre.  If you are planning a trip to the Louvre, you need to understand that it is large and takes time to be able to see everything.  My tips are, if you don’t have much time, before you go, work out which exhibits you want to visit and make your way to them.  If you have more time, take a map and work your way around the museum in a methodical way.  Also be aware that there are a lot of visitors at the Louvre, so if you can visit on a week day rather than a weekend, you will hopefully find it less crowded.

Now can I just say that there are sooooo many statues in the Louvre that show their appendages.  As you work your way around the museum, make sure you watch for them.  Here are a few examples of them.

Male Statues & Their Appendages

Phew, ok there are still more statues showing their appendages in the Louvre!  They will have to wait for yet another blog post!


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