Hi, I’m Lisa.  I’m a 50 something accountant, who along with my husband, Darren, has worked hard to have a great career and be financially stable.  Now it’s time to enjoy life more.

To enjoy life more, I’ve had to work hard to improve my fitness (I hiked the Inca Trail in my 40’s) and to keep fit to be able to do all of those things we want to do. That isn’t always easy because we also love to explore different cuisine and wine around the world and at home.

We travel as much as possible, both overseas and at home.  We call Australia home and find that there are so many places to explore here as well.

But the main reason we return home from our adventures are our two beautiful girls, Jazz and Indy. Oh and yeah we both have work as well!

One of the reasons I love travelling is to see the amazing wildlife around the world. I am an animal welfare advocate (I spent almost 10 years on the board of a large animal welfare organisation). I believe that wildlife should be in the wild and that we all need to do our part to protect wildlife and their habitats.

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