I was in Hawaii to present at a conference so I had travelled there by myself.  My usual travel companion, my husband Darren, stayed home to look after our fur children!  So I explored Waikiki by myself.

I found the Pau Hana Market by accident as I went for a walk looking for somewhere to eat out in Waikiki.  Pau Hana Market is a permanent set up with up to seven food trucks.  There were seven trucks on the night I ate there and five when I returned two days later for lunch.

Pau Hana Market, Waikiki

The market opens at 11am each day and closes at 10pm.  It is open seven days a week.

There are a number of wooden tables and chairs so you can sit down at the market to eat your meal.  On the night I was there all of the tables had people sitting at them, but I sat at the end of one table as the group already sitting there weren’t using the whole table.

Pau Hana Market, Waikiki

Meals cost around the $8 to $15 and the meals I had tasted great.  It’s a cheap way to grab a tasty meal.

Samurai Grill food was great.  For the price of the meal, the size was huge.  I didn’t get through it.

Pau Hana Market, Waikiki
Pau Hana Market, Waikiki
Five Star Shrimp was constantly busy.
Pau Hana Market, Waikiki
My personal favourite was Kamitoku. Amazing spicy food.


If you are looking for somewhere that isn’t too expensive to eat in Honolulu try out the Pau Hana Market.  Good food and reasonably priced.

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