Iceland is famous for its picturesque scenery including glaciers, iceberg lakes and of course its numerous waterfalls.  While you are likely to have heard of famous waterfalls such as Gullfoss, Dettifoss and Skogafoss, you may not have heard of one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the country, Dynjandi Waterfall.

Dynjandi is like no other waterfall in Iceland.  It is the first of seven waterfalls cascading one below the next.  Dynjani itself drops around 100 meters, resembling a bridal veil widening from 30 meters at the top to 60 meters at its base.  Whether approaching the waterfall by road or ocean, you will be in awe of the sheer size of this waterfall.

The remaining waterfalls are Haestahjallafoss, Strompgljufrafoss (Strompur), Gongumannafoss, Hridsvadsfoss, Hundafoss and Baejarfoss (Sjoarfoss).


Dynjandi Waterfall is located on Dynjandisogur Bay and Arnarfjordur fjord.  We drove from Flokalundur to Dynjandi.  The road is unsealed and when we drove to the waterfall it was full of pot holes.  While a number of cars we saw driving to and from Dynjandi were 2WD, I would recommend you consider hiring a 4WD if you are thinking of heading to the Westfjords – it will make your trip more comfortable.

While the road may have pot holes, the scenery along the drive definitely makes up for the bit of discomfort you will have from driving on the unsealed road.  You will drive through moss covered lava fields and streams and waterfalls.  There are designated stops along the drive and it is worth stopping along the way to see this beautiful landscape.

If you’re going to be driving in Iceland, read my 11 Tips for Driving in Iceland.

The drive to the waterfall
Potholes in the road
The drive to the waterfall
Drones at Dynjandi

As you leave the car park to walk up to Dynjandi you will find a “No Drone Zone” sign meaning you cannot fly your drone within the proximity of the seven waterfalls including Dynjandi.

However, once you leave the car park and drive a short distance away, you can use your drone to capture the waterfalls and surrounding landscape from a distance.

Walk to the Waterfall

From the car park there is a path up to the base of Dynjandi.  The path is dirt with rock steps and as it is next to each of the waterfalls as you make your way up and down the path you need to watch your footing as the path will usually be wet from the spray of the wateralls.  If you have a reasonable level of fitness you will find the climb to the top reasonably easy.

As you reach each individual waterfall, there are observations platforms allowing you to view the waterfalls both above and below giving you very different perspective of this natural wonder.

Also be prepared to get wet when you reach the base of Dynjandi.  The sheer 100 meter drop means you will get wet with the spray once you reach the base of the waterfall.

Visiting Westfjords Stunning Dynjandi Waterfall
Items You Need When Visiting Dynjandi

If you want to walk up the path to each waterfall there are a few items you really should have:

  • Waterproof jacket (you will get wet)
  • Good walking shoes with non-slip soles and preferably waterproof (otherwise your feet will get wet)
  • A camera cleaning cloth so you can wipe the water from your camera lens or phone. It will get some water / mist from the waterfall on it
  • A shower cap (free in most hotel rooms).  These are great to use to cover your camera from the waterfall mist
Visiting Westfjords Stunning Dynjandi Waterfall
Every where we travel my husband takes a photo of me taking photos.
Reality When Visiting Dynjandi waterfall

While I have included photos with no or very few people in them, it did take some manoeuvring to be able to get these photos in some instances.

In reality, Dynjandi was busy (we visited in September).  While the car park is reasonably small it was full of cars when we arrived and while we were walking to the base of Dynjandi, four tourist buses arrived, the occupants disembarked, took photos, got back on the buses and left in a reasonably short period of time.

So you may need to become creative with some of your photos if you do not want other people in them.

Visiting Westfjords Stunning Dynjandi Waterfall
Visiting Westfjords Stunning Dynjandi Waterfall
Four tourist buses arrived while we were at Dynjandi
Images of the Dynjandi Waterfall
Visiting Westfjords Stunning Dynjandi Waterfall
Visiting Westfjords Stunning Dynjandi Waterfall
Visiting Westfjords Stunning Dynjandi Waterfall

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Visiting Westfjords Stunning Dynjandi Waterfall Iceland is famous for its stunning waterfalls. While you are likely to have heard of waterfalls such as Gullfoss, and Skogafoss, you cannot miss Dynjandi. #travel #Iceland #waterfall

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  1. I wish we’d had time to include the Westfjords in our Iceland itinerary. We had two weeks but didn’t want to rush to get around the ring road so we left it out. I would have loved to see Dynjandi.

  2. This looks like a place I’d love to go in Iceland. I will definitely remember to add this to my list when I do visit Iceland 🙂

    1. Hi Akriti. The Westfjords is definitely worth the few extra days to see the amazing area.

  3. You have captured the beauty of this area perfectly. I feel like everywhere you go in Iceland is just waiting for you to photograph it.

    1. Hi Michelle. Totally agree. We couldn’t believe how stunning everything in Iceland was.

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