The Rocky Mountaineer is one of those iconic, bucket list adventures that many of us want to do.  We decided that we needed to check it off our bucket list and spent two extraordinary days on this stunning journey.

There are four different train trips to pick from and choosing which only one was difficult. But based on the time we had, the Banff, via Kamloops (overnight) to Vancouver route was the perfect choice.

Choosing a Service Level

Our first decision when booking our journey was which service level to choose. You have the GoldLeaf and SilverLeaf Service to choose between. The main differences between the two services are:

  • The GoldLeaf service has the bi-level dome carriages where you sit up stairs to enjoy the stunning views from full dome windows and then dine down stairs. The SilverLeaf service are single level carriages with oversized dome windows with dining at your seats.
  • The level of hotels where you stay overnight are also different depending on which you select.

We decided to go with the GoldLeaf Service.

OMG Moment

What was waiting for us when we arrived at Banff to board the Rocky Mountaineer was so exciting! 

We found our carriage number on our ticket and walked along the platform to find our carriage.  We have the front carriage of the GoldLeaf Service! There are no two level carriages in front of us!

We stepped into our carriage and looked at our seat numbers. No only were we sitting in the first of the two level carriages, but we also had the very front seats of the front carriage of the GoldLeaf Service!

Yes this is the actual view from our seats! Talk about best seats in the house!

The Rocky Mountaineer

Day 1

When you arrive at the train station at Banff you are greeted by beautiful old rail carriages.  If you have some time before boarding the Rocky Mountaineer, these are great to explore.

The Rocky Mountaineer

After recovering from the excitement of realising we had the best seats on the train, we took our seats as the train pulled away from the station and spent the day being in awe of the stunning scenery we journeyed through.

Passing a beautiful lake

Each carriage has an outside viewing platform, and while it can be a bit windy and cold, it does provide for stunning photo opportunities.  We regularly went out to the viewing platform, not only to take photos but also for that fresh Canadian mountain air.

The Rocky Mountaineer
The Rocky Mountaineer
One of the many tunnels the train travels through

As Day 1 of the journey draws to a close, you are welcomed into Kamloops by a beautiful sunset.

When you arrive in Kamloops, the Rocky Mountaineer has a bus waiting for you to take you to your hotel for the evening.  So what is there to do in Kamloops for a night?  We decided to take a walk around the town before hitting the casino!

Day 2

There is a definite change in scenery on day two and we say goodbye to the lush green mountains.

The Rocky Mountaineer

There is plenty of wildlife to see, but you have to be quick to get a photo.  This is one of my many “backside” shots of wildlife.  These mountain goats were a bit shy and didn’t want their photo taken.

The Rocky Mountaineer

As we travel closer to Vancouver we enter flatter ground and head through some of the amazing small towns dotted along the rail line.  We arrived in Vancouver late in the afternoon of Day 2.

The Rocky Mountaineer
The Rocky Mountaineer

The whole journey was amazing, from scrumptious three course meals in our exclusive dining area, to the wonderful staff who made you feel at home from the very beginning, to the stunning scenery the whole trip.  An amazing journey.

You will find more information about the Rocky Mountaineer at their website

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The Rocky Mountaineer

14 Responses

  1. Wow that mountain view is absolutely stunning!! I am from Toronto but I’m embaressed to say I have never seen the rockies. I will head to Banff soon though! Thanks for getting me pumped!

    1. Thanks Viola. The views were amazing! And I fully understand. Living in Australia there is still so much we haven’t seen here too.

  2. Wow the Rocky Mountaineer looks like such a unique way to see the Rockies!! I can’t believe you had such an amazing seat. I love your photos from above showing the train, absolutely stunning.

    1. We couldn’t believe we got these seats either Brianna! It was definitely an amazing experience.

    1. Thanks Elena. The dog carriages are amazing and the photo opportunities….I took lots and lots of photos!

  3. Your seat view is unbelievable! What absolute luck! This train ride is something I would love to do. Your photos have made me think that I need to stop putting it off.

  4. Loved reading your blog. Its short and precise. Canadian rockies are the prettiest thing on the planet and I am waiting for the day when I get there, road tripping around them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love, love, love to travel by train! This looks amazing and you certainly lucked out with the best seats! On my list for someday..

    1. Hi Kristina. It was my first longer train trip (have done overnights but not two days like this). It really was amazing and really do recommend it.

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