7 Tips for Travelling with Medication

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If you are planning a trip overseas and you take medication, you have some pre-planning you need to do.7 Tips for Travelling With MedicationHere are seven basic guidelines to help when planning your trip.Talk to your doctor or travel medical specialist before travelling about any medicines and / or medical devices you need to take with you.  Make sure you discuss prescription medication as well as over the counter medicines and complementary / homeopathic medicines that you may take.Contact the Embassy or Cons[...]
Pack Half and Half

Pack Half and Half

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Have you ever lost your luggage when travelling?  A number of years ago we headed to Vietnam for a backpacking holiday.  As more and more bags came out on the luggage carousel in Ho Chi Minh City, we got more and more worried.  What if both our backpacks got lost?  That surely couldn’t happen, could it?  Well our backpacks did arrive.  They were the very last two bags put onto the carousel.  It was then we decided that we would never travel without packing using the Half and Half R[...]