Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland and the northern most capital city in the world, has a laid-back atmosphere. From great cafes and restaurants to its night life and to its street art, Reykjavik has a quirkiness and uniqueness that is not seen in other national capital cities.

When you take a walk around Reykjavik you cannot miss the murals that adorns many of the city buildings. Whether you call it urban graffiti or street art, it has become a major tourist attraction in the city.

Illegal graffiti remains an issue in Reykjavik, just as it does in many cities around the world. Because of this the city spends a significant amount of money every year to remove illegal graffiti from city buildings, light poles, street signs and other city property. The art that you see on many of the buildings is not illegal graffiti. Street art is legal in Reykjavik if the property owner has given permission for it to be painted on their building.

Street Art of Reykjavik
Location: Laugavegur 66. Art: D*FACE and Agent Fresco inspired by Laxdæla Saga
Street Art of Reykjavik
Location: Laugavegur 35. Art: Elle with Úlfur Úlfur, inspired by the song “Tuttugu og Eitthvað” by Úlfur Úlfur

Where to find the street art

A good place to start to spot street art in Reykjavik is the main tourist street of Laugavegur (as you can see from the above photos).  There are a number of murals painted on walls in the street and in some instances entire buildings have been adorned with artwork. 

The best way to see the street art is to simply explore the city on foot. You will be amazed at the amazing artwork you find.

Street Art of Reykjavik
Now who doesn't love a rainbow unicorn?
Street Art of Reykjavik

Look for Smaller Pieces

Not all of the artworks cover full walls or buildings. While exploring the city, make sure you look for smaller pieces.

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Street Art of Reykjavik

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    1. The street art here is very innovative I see. This is a wonderful insightful article capturing the street art scene of Reykjavik

  1. Iceland doesn’t really appeal to me, but I could definitely visit for the street art. Stunning examples you’ve highlighted here, bringing a much needed colour burst to the city during the winter months 🙂

  2. Such a cool post! I wasn’t aware Reykjavik also has such a vibrant street art scene. I love Icelandic horses and planning on visiting Iceland at some point for a trail ride trip. Surely will go and have a look at the street art too!

    1. Iceland is just so amazing Anna. From the street art to the waterfalls and of course the horses. A trail ride trip would be amazing.

  3. These are indeed some great places to visit to admire interesting street art. I love the selection! I’ll have to add these to my next visit to Reykjavik .

  4. Stunning street art! Its funny years ago it was considered graffiti and everyone would cover it up. Now we love it…there are some amazing street artists around the world xx

    1. We love finding street art Bree. And totally agree about the whole street art v graffiti. But it really does brighten the city.

  5. What beautiful street art. This is one of my favorite activities now, looking for cool street art wherever I go. This is stunning. The one that takes over three whole house is spectacular, and you’re right, who doesn’t love a rainbow unicorn?!

  6. Beautiful pictures. I enjoy street art so much – it has the potential to beautify anywhere. I love when the revitalization of an old city/town involves street art.

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