Now I need to start by saying I haven’t ever played Pokemon or been part of the Pokemon craze but have friends that do and my husband even created an account to play a few times while we were in Japan.   But it was obvious from the moment we arrived in Tokyo that Pokemon Go was really popular. 

In Tokyo, we stayed a short walk from Shinjuku Station.  We found a Pokemon Go area just outside the station.  We walked by this area a few times and people where there playing each time.


After some time in Tokyo, we headed to Kyoto.  We arrived late in the afternoon, found our hotel and went out for a walk.  Not far from our hotel we started to find Pokemon lights attached to the street lights.

So why are there Pokemon lights attached to the street lights?  Well, in 2016 a new Pokemon Centre opened in Kyoto.  Now I didn’t realise this while we were in Kyoto, so we didn’t get to the centre.  Apparently, the street lights were installed to celebrate the opening of the centre.

I must admit, I had a few strange looks as I walked from light post to light post taking photos of each light.  


Night time photos were taken with a Nikon Z7 with 35mm prime lens, hand held with no flash.

I really didn’t take much notice of the whole phenomenon for the rest of our trip, well that was until we arrived back at Narita Airport for our flight home.  We couldn’t escape Pokemon there either.


Are you planning a trip to Japan?  A day trip to Hiroshima is a must.

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22 Responses

    1. It’s definitely a huge phenomenon. We saw some people with two and three mobile phones playing.

  1. Pokemon Go was super popular in my country some time ago, too. While I can never understand people who are addicted to this game, I must admit that those Pokemon street lights look kinda cute.

    1. I’m so much like you Fiona, just couldn’t understand playing the game but I loved the lights.

  2. How much fun is this? I don’t really know much about pokemon but it’s certainly unique to have these lights. I’d be taking pictures too!

  3. That’s awesome! I will admit I played pokemon Go briefly when it was released, a little bit of nostalgia. My daughter would absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was a bit of fun to find the lights and hubby had some fun playing the game a bit while we were there. A bit of nostalgia is always good!

  4. This is so cool! I’m a big fan of Pokemon (and Pokemon Go) and Japan is such a bucket list destination for myself and my husband. But I had no idea about these Pokemon lights – how cool! We will definitely be on the lookout for them when we visit ourselves 🙂

    1. The quirky things were one of the reasons we love Japan so much Patti. It’s so much fun.

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