Photography is not just a hobby for me, it’s a passion.  I carry a lot of camera gear with me when I travel and actually use all of it most of the time.

I’ve been asked what is the best camera to have when travelling.  Well, I have one simple answer.  The best camera is the one you have with you!  I know that is such a cliche. Let me explain.  (Oh and in future posts I will talk more about different cameras).

I have taken photographs that I absolutely love with a DSLR, a mirrorless camera, a compact camera, a drone and mobile / cell phone.

Best Camera for Travelling
Shinjuku, Tokyo at night taken with Nikon's Z7 mirrorless camera.
Best Camera for Travelling
The Budir Black Church in Iceland taken with Nikon's D7100.
Best Camera for Travelling
Sunset in Amsterdam taken with Panasonic's Lumix LX-100.
Best Camera for Travelling
Japan's snow monkeys taken with the Apple iPhone 8.

It’s the Photo You Don’t Get

I never thought I would find myself without a camera, even if it is my iPhone.  But I did and missed a photo that I have regretted ever since.

We were at Lake Louise in Canada.  I had had the flu for a day or two.  We decided to hike up to the lookout above the lake, to look back down on the Fairmont Hotel and the lake.  About half way up I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to head back to a seat in a small shelter we had passed about 200 metres down the path.  I gave my camera bag to my husband so he could get some photos with my DSLR.  He gave me his backpack.  I headed back down to the shelter and sat there waiting for my husband and the others who went up to the lookout to return.

Then, a snowshoe hare appeared on the path.  It is one of the cutest animals. It hopped up the path towards me and when it was about three metres from me it stopped. 

I was rummaging through my husband’s backpack – surely he must have our small compact camera in his back – nope it was back in the hotel room – surely he must have his phone in his backpack – nope it was in his pocket.  And I realised my phone was in my bag with my camera which I had given to my husband.

I’m sure the hare knew I didn’t have a camera.  He sat in front of me for what seemed forever (it was a minute or two).  He sat up at stared straight at me as if to mock me – I’m sure he was saying nah nah nah nah nah (you need to say that in the whiny singing voice).  After what seemed to be forever staring at me, he slowly hopped further up the path and into the underbrush.

Snowshoe Hare
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Moral of the Story

Never again!

When travelling, always carry a camera, any camera!  If you don’t, you never know what photograph you might miss!

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