I had a week in Honolulu for a conference and thought I would share 10 random things I noticed while there.

1 – Get up early to see a sunrise

To get out of Waikiki for a sunrise I decided to take a photography tour with Oahu Photography Tours.  It was a great way to see some amazing scenery around the island and to get some amazing photos.  A special shout out to De-Jay who was my guide on the day.


2 – Waikiki is full of designer shops

Waikiki is set up for tourists and for shopping and there are designer shops throughout Waikiki.


3 – Look down at the sidewalk in Waikiki

I loved that on the sidewalk / footpath words were engraved into the stone along with their meanings.


4 – Eat at the Food Vans at Pau Hana Markets

For a reasonably priced meal that tastes great, check out the food vans at the Pau Hana Markets.

Check out my blog post:  Waikiki Food Trucks – Pau Hana Market.

5 – Hike to the top of Diamond Head Crater

Catch a tourist bus up to the centre of the crater.  From there it takes a bit over 1 hour to hike up to the top of Diamond Head Crater and return to catch the bus back to Waikiki.

The views are amazing.


6 – The sunsets are just as amazing as the sunrises

The sunsets are amazing.  There are a number of places along the Waikiki beach to stop and take sunset photos.

There is a jetty that you can walk out on and take photos looking back at the city.

7 – ABC Stores are everywhere!

ABC Stores sell souvenirs and other items such as drinks and snacks.  But they really are everywhere.  There are places in Waikiki where you can stand in front of one ABC Store and see another one just down the road.  So if there is anything you have left at home such as sunscreen, you can easily pick some up.


8 – The beaches and the water are amazing

I was in Honolulu in summer so it was great to get down to the beach and go swimming.  The beaches are beautiful and the water was warm which to me was great for swimming.


9 – Take a trip around the island

See the rest of the island.  There are amazing views to take in.


10 – I felt safe

As I had travelled to Honolulu by myself, I was walking around during the day and night alone.  I felt safe while I was there.  That isn’t to say there isn’t crime, but I was happy to walk around, especially in Waikiki at night.


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