Ethical Animal Tourism

How to Tell if an Animal Encounter is Ethical?

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Ethical animal tourism is top of mind for many of us when we travel.  So how do we tell if an animal encounter is ethical?  I wanted to start by explaining why I believe I am in a position to talk about ethical animal encounters.  For almost ten years I sat on the board of one of the largest animal welfare organisations in the Southern Hemisphere.  The organisation provides assistance to over 50,000 animals (of which half are wildlife) every year, operates 10 shelters and a large wildlife hospital. What[...]
Ballestas Islands, Peru
Ballestas Islands

Ballestas Islands, Peru

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The islands have been called the “poor man’s Galapagos”.  The Galapagos islands are on my bucket list and have been from when I first started my bucket list.  I love photographing wildlife so when I found out about the Ballestas Islands, it was a definite on our list for our trip to Peru. Getting There The Ballestas Islands are a small group of islands (some are rocky outcrops) located off the coast of Peru.  The islands are accessed from Paracas, a small resort town near Pisco.  Paracas is just o[...]
Wombats - A Photo Gallery

Wombats – A Photo Gallery

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Wombats are the largest burrowing mammal.  They can be found across Tasmania, eastern New South Wales and eastern Victoria.  The photos of these wombats were taken in the wild at Cradle Mountain and on Maria Island in Tasmania. They have become an iconic Australian native animal because of their cuddly appearance and cute waddle.  Their short legs, large paws and long, strong claws allows them the dig burrows that can be as long as 20 metres.  As they are marsupials, females have a pouch that is backwa[...]