King Crab Safari

King Crab Safari, Kirkenes

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When planning a trip to Norway, most people will find information about the huge king crab and safaris you can go on to catch and eat these creatures. Contents Where is Kirkenes? Kirkenes is located in the north of Norway, close to the Russian border.  The two main ways to get to Kirkenes is to fly from Oslo or Tromso or to take a cruise.  Hurtigruten have cruises that take you to Kirkenes. What are King Crabs? The king crab or red king crab, or Paralithodes camtschaticus to be scientific, is one of the world[...]
Grand Hotel, Oslo

The Grand Hotel – The Perfect Place To Stay In Oslo

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Beautiful accommodation in Oslo For beautiful accommodation in Oslo look no further than the Grand Hotel.  The hotel is a mix of old world charm with modern elegance. It is considered one of Oslo's most well known and prestigious hotels. The hotel has been opened for over 145 years, having first opened its doors in 1874. Location Located on Karl Johans gate, Oslo’s main street it's a short stroll, from The Royal Palace. It is also just over a kilometre from the Oslo Opera House. This means the Grand Hotel is perfectl[...]