Cafe De Gaeper

Our Local Bar in Amsterdam – Cafe De Gaeper

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One of the things I love about travelling is finding a great spot to eat and have a drink.  Even better is when the atmosphere is so great that you want to go back again and before you realise, it has become your local bar while you are there.

Whilst in Amsterdam, we called in for a drink and dinner at a small cafe / bar near our hotel called Cafe De Gaeper.  We ended up having drinks there most nights we were in Amsterdam.


Cafe De Gaeper serves reasonably priced typical pub / bar food.  The meals tasted great and were a good size.

Cafe De Gaeper
The chicken burger
Cafe De Gaeper
Veal and Chips
Cafe De Gaeper


What we loved about Cafe de Gaeper was it’s atmosphere.  The staff and the locals were really friendly and we spent time chatting to them.  On our last night in Amsterdam a group on a bucks party arrived for a few drinks (they had come from Luxembourg).  That made the place a bit more lively!

You can sit inside or outside (although the outside tables are really popular so we sat inside each time we were there).  You can sit down at the tables and have a meal or you can sit at the bar.

Cafe De Gaeper
Cafe De Gaeper
Cafe De Gaeper

The only thing I didn’t like about Cafe De Gaeper was that it had a deer head hanging up.  Not into having dead animal heads on display.


If you’re visiting Amsterdam, call in to Cafe De Gaeper, have a beer and if you have time grab a bite to eat.

Oh and say hello to the resident cat for me.  Apparently she is old and grumpy but she is so cute and more than happy to taste test for you!

Cafe De Gaeper
Our Local Bar in Amsterdam - Cafe De Gaeper

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