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King Crab Safari

King Crab Safari, Kirkenes

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When planning a trip to Norway, most people will find information about the huge king crab and safaris you can go on to catch and eat these creatures. Contents Where is Kirkenes? Kirkenes is located in the north of Norway, close to the Russian border.  The two main ways to get to Kirkenes is to fly from Oslo or Tromso or to take a cruise.  Hurtigruten have cruises that take you to Kirkenes. What are King Crabs? The king crab or red king crab, or Paralithodes camtschaticus to be scientific, is one of the world[...]
Grand Hotel, Oslo

The Grand Hotel – The Perfect Place To Stay In Oslo

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Beautiful accommodation in Oslo For beautiful accommodation in Oslo look no further than the Grand Hotel.  The hotel is a mix of old world charm with modern elegance. It is considered one of Oslo's most well known and prestigious hotels. The hotel has been opened for over 145 years, having first opened its doors in 1874. Location Located on Karl Johans gate, Oslo’s main street it's a short stroll, from The Royal Palace. It is also just over a kilometre from the Oslo Opera House. This means the Grand Hotel is perfectl[...]
Ethical Animal Tourism

How to Tell if an Animal Encounter is Ethical?

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Ethical animal tourism is top of mind for many of us when we travel.  So how do we tell if an animal encounter is ethical?  I wanted to start by explaining why I believe I am in a position to talk about ethical animal encounters.  For almost ten years I sat on the board of one of the largest animal welfare organisations in the Southern Hemisphere.  The organisation provides assistance to over 50,000 animals (of which half are wildlife) every year, operates 10 shelters and a large wildlife hospital. What[...]
waterfalls in Iceland

13 Must See Waterfalls in Iceland

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The waterfalls in Iceland are stunning and we spent an amazing 18 exploring the country and visiting many of those waterfalls.  You will see waterfalls throughout the country, whether they are one of the top Instagrammed waterfalls in the world or a waterfall created just because it is raining.  The waterfalls on this list are in order of us visiting them as we drove clockwise around Iceland. While I have called this post 13 Must See Waterfalls in Iceland, there are actually 17 waterfalls on this list.  Some[...]
Atomic Dome

Day Trip to Hiroshima

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A day trip to Hiroshima is something many visitors to Japan want to do.  It can easily be done from Kyoto, Osaka or Kobe. This is our itinerary from our day trip to Hiroshima from Kyoto. Please be aware that this itinerary involves a lot of walking, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes and take water with you. 6 August 1945 On 6 August 1945, United States airmen dropped a nuclear bomb which they called “Little Boy” on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.  Three days later, on 9 August 1945, a second nuclear bo[...]
5 Foot Care Tips for Travelling

5 Foot Care Tips For Travelling

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For many of us, travelling also means we tend to do a lot more walking that we would usually do in our day to day lives.  So that also means our feet are being put through a lot more stress than they would usually be accustomed to, so foot care is really important. When we travel, we do a lot of hiking and even if we are exploring cities it is not uncommon for us to walk over 20 km each day.  But it also means that the foot injury I suffered a few years ago can cause me problems if I do not take care of my feet.[...]

Chemainus – World Famous Mural Town

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The quaint town of Chemainus is found on the Chemainus River Valley on the east coast of Vancouver Island in Canada.  We didn't know of the town but found it as we headed from Victoria to catch the ferry to Vancouver.  Because we had some spare time before ferry left, we spent a few hours exploring the town.  If you are visiting Vancouver Island, add Chemainus to your itinerary.  Spend at least a few hours exploring the town, finding the murals and doing some shopping. HistoryThe Hul'gumi'num firs[...]

Pokemon Street Lights in Kyoto

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Now I need to start by saying I haven't ever played Pokemon Go but have friends that do and my husband even created an account to play a few times while we were in Japan.   But it was obvious from the moment we arrived in Tokyo that Pokemon Go was really popular. In Tokyo, we stayed a short walk from Shinjuku Station.  We found a Pokemon Go area just outside the station.  We walked by this area a few times and people where there playing each time. After some time in Tokyo, we head[...]
Look for the Detail

Take Better Travel Photos: Look for the Detail

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We all take quick snaps when we travel, but spending a little bit of extra time to "look for the detail" can add extra meaning to our travel photos. Let's look at some examples. select one object from many In this example, we were walking along the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris or as it is known, the "lock bridge".  The photo below shows how many locks have been added to the bridge (and this is only a small section) but it really does not evoke any emotion.  It really is just lots of locks, most of which are the s[...]
Driving in Iceland

11 Tips for Driving in Iceland

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Iceland is truly a beautiful country and a great way to see it is to hire a car and take a road trip.  There are no trains and unless you are on a guided bus tour, there are limited buses. So, we spent 18 days exploring Iceland by car.  From that experience, here are our 11 tips for driving in Iceland. Iceland is a relatively easy country to explore by car as it is quite small at 103,000 square kms (approximately 40,000 square miles). Iceland compared to the UK (Source: Also, by[...]