Male Statues - The Louvre

Male Statues & Their Appendages – Paris Part 3

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This is the fourth in my blog series of Male Statues & Their Appendages.  If you haven’t seen the previous three blogs, please head over to my Male Statues Series. We spent a day at the Louvre.  If you are planning a trip to the Louvre, you need to understand that it is large and takes time to be able to see everything.  My tips are, if you don't have much time, before you go, work out which exhibits you want to visit and make your way to them.  If you have more time, take a map and work your[...]
Trip to Davidson Glacier, Alaska
Davidson Glacier, Alaska

Trip to Davidson Glacier, Alaska

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We arrived in Skagway on board the MS Noordam, a Holland America Line ship as we were sailing the Alaskan Inside Passage.  There were a number of options for excursions in Skagway and we were excited to be able to visit Davidson Glacier. Getting to Davidson Glacier A mini bus collected us from the cruise ship dock.  The dock has minimal facilities but is a short work into Skagway.  The mini bus drove us to the harbour where the smaller boats are moored.  This is where we boarded a motor boat for[...]
Sacre Coeur

Be Respectful in Places of Worship

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It should go without saying that you would be respectful in places of worship.  Well you would think so.  Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Let me give you an example.  We visited the Sultan Hassan Mosque in Cairo.  As is usual in Cairo, it was hot when we were there.  But I knew we would be visiting this and other mosques on the day.  We both dressed in long pants, my shirt had 3/4 length sleeves and my husband wore a short sleeve button up shirt.  I also took a scarf with me bu[...]
Statue of Liberty
New York

Statue of Liberty – A Photo Gallery

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The Statue of Liberty is such an iconic landmark, it really does not need any introduction.  We took a ferry to both Liberty Island and Ellis Island to visit. The Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbour. The copper statue was designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, a French sculptor and was built by Gustave Eiffel. It was a gift to the United States from the people of France.  A smaller version of the statue stands on a small island on the River Seine in Paris.The statue is of[...]
Santa Catalina Convent

Santa Catalina Convent, Arequipa

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Santa Catalina Convent is found in Arequipa, the colonial-era capital of Peru's Arequipa Region.  It was built in 1601 and was founded by Lucia Isabel Rivera de Padilla after the original convent she had founded in 1559 was destroyed by the Waynaputina Volcano.  In 1975 the convent was transformed into a museum, although a small number of nuns continue to live at the convent. Once you pay the entrance fee and enter Santa Catalina Convent, you can hire a guide to take you on a personal tour of the museum which tak[...]
Zombie Apocalypse? Attending the Brisbane Zombie Walk

Zombie Apocalypse? Attending the Brisbane Zombie Walk

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Zombie Walks are held around the world where people get to dress up as zombies.  We were able to attend the Brisbane Zombie Walk in 2016.  The Brisbane event allows participants to bring out their inner zombie while raising money for the Brain Foundation. If you weren't scared of clowns before, you will be now No matter how hard you might try to ignore the zombie phenomenon, zombies have become a big part of the sci-fi world.  From The Walking Dead to zombie apocalypse computer games, you will know someone who loves the[...]
Visiting Westfjords Stunning Dynjandi Waterfall

Visiting Westfjords Stunning Dynjandi Waterfall

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Iceland is famous for its picturesque scenery including glaciers, iceberg lakes and of course its numerous waterfalls.  While you are likely to have heard of famous waterfalls such as Gullfoss, Dettifoss and Skogafoss, you may not have heard of one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the country, Dynjandi Waterfall. Dynjandi is like no other waterfall in Iceland.  It is the first of seven waterfalls cascading one below the next.  Dynjani itself drops around 100 meters, resembling a bridal veil widening fr[...]
Ballestas Islands, Peru
Ballestas Islands

Ballestas Islands, Peru

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The islands have been called the “poor man’s Galapagos”.  The Galapagos islands are on my bucket list and have been from when I first started my bucket list.  I love photographing wildlife so when I found out about the Ballestas Islands, it was a definite on our list for our trip to Peru. Getting There The Ballestas Islands are a small group of islands (some are rocky outcrops) located off the coast of Peru.  The islands are accessed from Paracas, a small resort town near Pisco.  Paracas is just o[...]
Planning a trip to Peru

Peru – Planning our Trip

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We had not travelled to South America when we ……. well I decided to travel to Peru.  Hiking the Inca Trail was a bucket list item for me so it was time to cross it off the list. So how did we plan on how to see the most of Peru that we could? What did we want to experience? I started researching what we would like to experience while in Peru – lots of Google searches, looking through tours that tour companies did, reading blog posts etc.   The list included (but obviously was not limited to) the following:[...]

St John’s Catholic Church, Richmond

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St John’s Catholic Church, is found on the banks of the Coal River is located in Richmond Village, Tasmania.  The town is a popular destination for tourists.  It is located only 20 minutes from Hobart and is on the road to the historic Port Arthur site.  The beautiful town is also home to stunning Georgian architecture and the historical Richmond Bridge. The church is the oldest still-functioning Catholic Church in Australia, having opened on 31 December 1837.  It is considered Australia’s oldest C[...]