Fellini Restaurant & Bar
Gold Coast

Fellini Restaurant & Bar, Gold Coast

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A cold and wet winters day on the Gold Coast.  What is there to do?  Find a great restaurant for lunch, of course!

There is nothing better than great Italian food on a cold and wet day.  So we decided to eat at Fellini Restaurant & Bar.  Fellini has a reputation for serving great Italian cuisine.

Fellini’s is located at the Marina Mirage in Main Beach and had great views of the marina and broadwater.

Fellini Restaurant & Bar
Fellini Restaurant & Bar
The view from our table. Even on a rainy day the view is amazing.

Fellini has been awarded and has retained a One Chef Hat Award for a number of years.  Only 429 restaurants in Australia were awarded Chef Hats in 2016.  Take a look at their website for their menu including prices.

So Does It Meet Expectations?

As we were dining at lunch, we shared two tasting plates and then had a main course each.

Tasting Plates

Our first tasting plate was the Bresaola which is described on Fellini’s menu as “aged air dried beef thinly sliced, topped with fresh tomato, rucola, aged balsamic and extra virgin olive oil”.  

Fellini Restaurant & Bar

For our second tasting plate we ordered Arancini which is described on Fellini’s menu as “small fried rice balls made with peas, mozzarella and a beef and pork ragu”.

Fellini Restaurant & Bar

Both Tasting Plates were a good size for tasting plates and considering Fellini is a One Chef Hat restaurant, the price was reasonable.  And the taste?  I loved both meals and would be more than happy to order both again.

Our Mains

For my main meal, I ordered the Ravioli di Spinaci e Ricotta which is described on Fellini’s menu as “ravioli filled with fresh ricotta and spinach, cooked in a sauce of tomato and basil topped with parmesan cheese”.

Fellini Restaurant & Bar

The ravioli was fresh as were the other ingredients.  Overall I really enjoyed this dish and would be more than happy to order it again.

For Darren’s main meal, he ordered the Rigatoni Granchi which is described on Fellini’s menu as “short tube pasta cooked with sauteed fresh spanner crab meat, extra virgin olive oil, tomato sauce with a touch of chilli and basil.

Fellini Restaurant & Bar

Also, there is a good wine selection, however we did not have wine with our meal, rather having sparkling mineral water.


The staff were very pleasant and personable.  They looked after us well while not being overbearing.  They checked if we were happy to receive our main meals after completing our tasting plates or wanted to wait for awhile before moving on to the next course. I really liked this as we did not feel rushed in any way.


So back to my question.  Does it mean expectations?  Absolutely.  We really enjoyed the meal as well as the view. The staff were great and we felt very welcome at the restaurant.

If you are on the Gold Coast and you enjoy great Italian food, try Fellini’s.  We will definitely be eating there again – we might try the degustation next time.

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