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8 Tips to Protect Your Laptop When Using Public Wi-Fi

8 Tips to Protect your Laptop When Using Public Wi-Fi

Posted In: Travel Security
So is using public wi-fi safe when travelling? “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Free wi-fi is no exception to this adage. Security company Avast tested this theory by setting up a number of free fake Wi-Fi hotspots to see how many people would take the bait. They caught a lot of fish.” – Jen A Miller, CIO Magazine, 29 July, 2016. On one day Avast set up a number of free, but fake, wi-fi hot spots during a Republican National Convention in Cleveland, USA.  During the day, more than 1,200 people l[...]
10 Tips for the Security of your Home While on Holidays

10 Tips for Securing Your Home When on Holidays

Posted In: Travel Security
The security of your home when you head off to travel is important, not only to keep your home safe, but also for peace of mind while travelling.  Here are 10 tips for securing your home before heading on your holiday. Tip 1: Ensure gates, doors and windows are locked Firstly, ensure your gates are locked.  This makes it more difficult for a burglar to get access to the side or back of your home and if they do, it’s also more difficult to get back out. Also, make sure all windows and doors are locked.  It[...]