Pack Half and Half

Pack Half and Half

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Have you ever lost your luggage when travelling?  A number of years ago we headed to Vietnam for a backpacking holiday.  As more and more bags came out on the luggage carousel in Ho Chi Minh City, we got more and more worried.  What if both our backpacks got lost?  That surely couldn’t happen, could it?  Well our backpacks did arrive.  They were the very last two bags put onto the carousel.  It was then we decided that we would never travel without packing using the Half and Half Rule.

What is the half and half rule?

When you travel with your spouse or a good friend, pack half of your clothes in their suitcase and half of their clothes in your suitcase whenever you catch a flight.  That doesn’t mean just grab any half of your clothes and give them to your travelling companion.  There is more of a system to it.

When we pack we lay out our clothes in groups – shirts, pants/shorts/skirts, underwear, socks etc.  Then we give half of each group of clothes to the other person to pack in their suitcase, and vice versa.  In my case my husband, Darren gets half of my clothes.  Yep he travels with my knickers and bras in his suitcase!  I am still waiting for the day his bag gets checked on arrival.  It will be hilarious watching him explain why he has knickers and bras in his bag!

When you arrive at your destination and both bags arrive safely, it is easy to swap clothes back into your own bag at your hotel.  We use packing cells to pack all of our clothes so it is a simple matter of switching back the packing cells when you arrive.

why pack half and half?

Why?  Well suitcases go missing. If half your clothes are in each of two suitcases and one goes missing at least you have half your clothes, either until your suitcase turns up or you can buy new clothes.

The Half and Half Rule can’t be followed with some things though.  We travelled to Italy for a wedding.  We packed my dress and Darren’s suit in his suitcase and both of our sets of dress shoes in my suitcase.  Darren’s suitcase didn’t arrive.  It was horrible – I had to go shopping for a nice dress in Italy hahaha.  The wedding was two days after we arrived.  The suitcase was located and arrived at our hotel late on the night of the wedding.  While we had to both go out and buy a new outfit for the wedding, we both had other clothes for those few days until the suitcase arrived.

Try using the Half and Half Rule.  The one time you will wish you did is the time one of your suitcases gets lost!

Pack using the Half and Half Rule.

Have you ever lost your luggage when flying to your holiday destination? If you are travelling with another person, pack using the half and half rule.

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